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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Firstly, a belated Happy New year to 2022! I hope it will bring a lot of joy and luck for all of you and you get to achieve all the goals you set out for! My new year's eve was a fabulous event in the Surrey Hills dancing and seeing the new year in a very glamourous setting and style #showgirlvibes ;-)

My new year's resolution? Well, now that travel restrictions are starting to slowly lift, I hope that I can send many more posts to all of you from around the world! So... Let me start with the wonderful Mexico and finally share my exciting news and adventures!

What a fantastic way to start the year than a super sunny visit to the incredible Mexico! If you are looking for inspiration then look no further this country is beaming with history, culture and fantastic weather and beaches to die for!

I combined my visit with work also where I collaberated with a US Fitness holiday company and Mexican Hotel resort company, Fitness Exchange and Krystal Grand Cancun to host Zumba and Flex and Flow classes in a wonderful resort in Cancun!

The great thing about Mexico is it has a holiday for ALL, whether you want to try backpacking across the country or (Like myself) fancy a true luxury pleasure and indulge in a treat! There are an abundance of All Inclusive resorts and honestly, you will not be dissapointed. There are also many options for Air BnB's too.

Later this year, I will be hosting more All-inclusive holidays to Mexico teaching Zumba and Flex and Flow again in some beautiful resorts! If you are interested in hearing more about the holidays you can message me for further information and dates. Or keep your eyes peeled on here for more information coming soon!

If you like the idea of the hotel or would like to have a nosey to learn more check it out here:

If you are a qualified instructor you can check out Fitness Exchange too and see if you can also host in one of the fantastic resorts.


So as a place, it is true it IS a very popular tourist area and will not appeal to everybody. I can certainly see why 'Spring Break' holidays still go ahead in this town as there are plenty of bars and clubs for groups of friends! Sadly I also think with covid and the pandemic the actual town itself has been hit financially too. If you want an All Inclusive job with activites I would reccomend this place also for couples. You can easily find a nice tranquil spot but also be close to the action should you wish to have it and the beach is a very long BEAUTIFUL stretch that has plenty of beach bars and clubs too with gorgoeus white sand and clear blue sea. You can go along to the places for drinks and fun then skulk away from them when you prefer more chilled vibes.

It is a super international spot with people from all over the world which is fantastic and the local people will always go above and beyond to help you with fantastic service and friendliness. It is very safe here and you will be more than fine to walk around the area to explore (Of course still be weary always and be careful). The great thing too is it is close to another very popular destination which is..

Playa Del Carmen

Another popular destination for ALL! The town is much bigger than Cancun and where there are some 'Spring Breaker' holiday makers here, they blend in a lot more to the melting pot of families and couples. I must say some of the town reminded me of Ibiza with trendy eateries and bars on and (Just off) the famous Fith avenue. I personally preferred some of the streets off Fifth avenue as they catered much more choice and variety than Fifth avenue and despite previous reviews advising to 'Stick' only to that road, during the daytime at least, it was absolutely fine to explore along with once again, FANTASTIC beaches.

As this location is much larger, the big all inclusive resorts are generally on the outskirts of the town with taxi rides being pretty inexpensive to go and visit and with most resorts running shuttle busses into the town. For couples and friends, your preference maybe more to stay in Air BnB's in the town where you can use beach bars and the public beaches or smaller hotels. The prices are fairly resonable however the beach bars can add up so watch out for that!

Overall I would highly reccomend this location to stay or you can even visit for a day with it being just under an hour drive away from Cancun and for a family, the resorts here are ideal! I feel like ALL members of the family will enjoy as it has something for everyone and will be a very memorable vacation.

What to eat? Cerviche, Salad, Guacamole, Nachos, Tacos. So much amazing Mexican food so go wild!

What to drink? Silly question, however yes Tequila IS fantastic and if you have not heard or tried before, Mezcal a stronger liquoir however a much more rounded taste. I actually would 100% recommend doing a Tequila tasting tour on your trip it will surely open your knowledge and a very happy one too! Mexican red wine is also a must try, it is surprisingly very good.

It is true Mexico has a LOT to discover and this is the first time I visited and even though it is a tourist spot, I still loved it and it's wet my appetite for much more. For first timers it's perfect and like many people I met, there is a very high level of returning customers, a big expat community/ digital nomads and all year round sunshine and tourism!

Viva, Magical Mexico !!

And Lastly...

For my Zumba Kings and Queens in London...

I am having a big reschedule of classes in the city currently as I take on new projects and work so I am now currently ONLY doing one Public class:

Pure Gym Bayswater Monday's 7.15pm

You can attend as a member or on a day pass or Class Pass.

More classes and workshops to come later in the year, if you require anymore information on Zumba please contact me!

Love and Hugs to all

Annishia xx

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