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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Dubai is an interesting place to visit given that the UAE is such a new country. There is a lot to explore here and it has become a very popular tourism spot in recent years.

What to Eat: Dubai has some of the best restaurants and dining in the world! You will be spoilt for choice. Pierchic was a beautiful spot for food and the view!

What to drink: Amazing smoothies! Bounty Beats or Gastro Kitchen in JBR Beach are very yummy!

What to do: Of course the desert safari has become a go to staple of Dubai and there are many activities you can try there. I loved the sunset safari in the desert for the breathtaking views of the stars and air, very magical

Where to stay: There are so many choices in Dubai with pristine service you will not be disappointed. The city oozes glitz and glam in every corner. Bab al Shams hotel is unique as it is located in the desert and brings with it a lot of culture and fantastic memories.

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