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WINTER WARMER - Sea bass and Vegetable Broth

Well it's gone into the minus' here in the UK so it's time for me to share this AMAZING recipe with you to keep warm and combat the colds and illnesses. I can assure it really IS heavenly and with it being a broth as-well, hydrating!

1 Vegetable stock Cube

1 Litre of boiled water

100G Shiitake Mushrooms

1 Pak Choi

60G Spinach

1/4 of Broccoli

1/2 Sweet red Chilli

2 Cloves of Garlic

1/4 White onion

1 Sea bass fillet

1 Packet of rice noodles

Dash of Pepper

Dash of Salt

Dash of Chilli

Cook the fillet of Sea bass the day before and leave in the fridge.

Boil a litre of water and add the vegetable stock cube. Add all vegetables on a low simmer.

Cut the sea bass fillet into small pieces and add.

Finally add the rice noodles last and stir well on a low simmer.

Serve Immediately steaming hot, absolutely delicious and will nip in the bud ANY cold or flu and warm you up and feeling great :-)

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The countdown for Christmas is well and truly on it's way and I cannot believe how quick this year has gone it is very very scary! I hope you can reflect on your highlights and enjoy the festive season whatever you are doing, keep warm, keep healthy, keep blessed!

Lots of Love and Hugs,

Annishia xoxox

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