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Post Brexit.. Paris..

Yes, admittedly this blog is a little different as it's always good to look at things from a different perspective now and again. Paris is still one of my favourite places and I have blogged about it before on places to stay and things to do if it is your first time!

It was pretty historical for me this time and felt oddly different, I have not travelled within Europe within the last 5 years and during that time period we have universally experienced a global pandemic AND the UK voted to leave the European union.

With France literally being next door to the UK and Paris being (In my eyes and many others) a huge international city, very similar to London.. How is Paris, NOW?

Well..I took the Eurostar which is still to me, one of the best inventions of the last century and it was completely packed on the way to Paris. This route was largely used by commuters and businessman on early morning trains between the two cities however it was by the most part, being used with holidaymakers and tourists. The Euro currency is still extremely strong too so any nostalgia from Brexiters hoping for a Euro crash and a 'cheap' place to get away, sadly of course, Paris is NOT that. Standing strong and expensive it probably will still remain always that way. In years to will be interesting how the divide of Brexit effects the two cities of London and Paris.

Paris is alive. Messy in places yes, however people seem to be living. The cafes and restaurants are completely full with people sprawling out onto the streets and queing for a spot on the circled wicker chairs and round tables...

There is a European, romantic chaos about the place which frankly is just missing from London and exactly what I just love.

Maybe I have become delusional in London and have got too used to the place but visiting Paris the chaos and just ' Frenchness' of the place even in the capital, I totally adored still. It is like most cities still with ghettos and poverty and even those parts to me, I totally embraced as the migration and cultures of people, are still quite different in comparison to London. Even the public transport is packed on every train.. however you want to look at it, Paris is booming! Full of life, vibrancy and people.. lots of them!

The Parisians post pandemic are enjoying life and I am thinking of returning for longer to explore this city even more to enjoy more of 'The Parisian way'...

Grab a train and go.. our neighbours are drinking good quality wine at low prices, eating delicious food, living still like true bohemians and revolutionaries and still as stylish and chic as ever.. Congratulations.. you show Londoners still how it is to live the stylish city life.. The European way..price tag is still included folks.. no economy crash here!

Stay: For all the Boho lovers- Montemarte and Pigalle close by, it's fun!

Eat: Montparnasse Area - Great selection of world cuisines..

Drink: Lots of French wine!

Relax: Luxembourg Gardens, have a picnic and soak up the sun

Love and Hugs ...

A xxx

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