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Empress Annishia!

Hola todos! Yes, that's right I am officially an Empress thanks to Mi Mexico Estates. I partnered with this amazing company who gifted me my own land in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta. The land ownership enables you to your own elite title of 'Empress' or 'Emperor'. You can choose your land size, receive an official certificate and even buy a tree to be planted on your new found land in Mexico. A SUPER CUTE and authentic gift for someone, I LOVE IT!!

Check it out here:

And how about this also for trying something NEW to your diet..


Yes that's right I partnered with this truly amazing brand Human Improvement, upping my game in the protein powder world, I thought why not add something new into my diet. I usually take vegan only protein powders but I loved the opportunity to work with this creative brand Human Improvement. There are two flavours Chocolate and Vanilla with really clean Ingredients. No gums, fillers, added sugar or anything artificial . Super easy to digest, no bloating and has four different protein sources (pumpkin, brown rice, cricket, and pea - all organic) for a complete amino panel and a diversity of micronutrients. Cricket protein is minimally processed so it is a whole food protein source retains all of the original vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that are highly

bioavailable. Cricket is one of the most sustainable protein sources in the world using just a fraction of the resources like land, feed, and water that livestock use all while emitting 99.9% less greenhouse gasses. I loved this product and if you're looking to switch up your protein powder game, I would say give it a try! You can find out more about the brand here:

Sentia Spirits we are in the health realm, so many of us are choosing low/ no alcohol drinks these days but honestly some of the drinks on the market are trash!! I have to say, working with this company was awesome and the drink is the first of it's kind! Sentia Spirits is the first mood enhancing spirit with a complex blend of botanicals that naturally enhance your mood.

"I really enjoyed working with the team and how creative you could be with this 'Gaba' Spirit, the cocktails we had on the day were all fantastic! "

You can find out more about this truly unique and intriguing product here on their website

Superdrug Presents...

It was a pleasure to work with Acne brand Acnecide as their ambassador at this fantastic event, Superdrug Presents.. So many brands and fabulous talks, makeovers and giveaways!

Having very sensitive skin myself and going through YEARS of uncomfortable hormonal acne breakouts..antibiotics..lotions and potions. I finally stripped back my whole skincare regime and used a acne focused cleanser and moisturiser from the sister company of Acnecide, Cetafil. Working for Acnecide was fantastic to learn about and use and also talk with others about their journey with Acne.

I am a firm believer in sticking with natural products wherever possible and it was also great to talk with skin doctor Ewoma, a beautiful and talented woman for all things SKIN!

Acne can effect our mental health and well-being quite a lot and can also come at all ages but knowing you are not alone is very reassuring and keep positive and stay disciplined with the process. It has taken me a LONG long time to be able to feel confident wearing no make up and reaching clear skin and there were many times I thought it would never happen but with enough determination it can :-) You can see more on Acnecide and the range here:

Ant-man and The Wasp

Yes, my Marvel debut is finally here and I can share with you my news if you have not already seen the movie, I am in Ant-man and The Wasp!

I worked on this film for a few months back in 2021 at Pinewood Studios as a Quantum Warrior living in the Quantum Universe where the film is set.

It was a fantastic experience filming on the movie and enjoyed 'kicking-ass' and running riot as a warrior, the whole team and crew were awesome to work with and being part of Marvel studios was a dream, I can't wait to return"

Ant-man and the Wasp is out now in all major cinemas worldwide!

Well folks that is enough for today!! Remember ZUMBA lovers!! Check out the links on my website for all up to date class timetables.

Lots of Love and Hugs,

Nisha xoxox

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