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Crying Diamonds - Poetry Book on Amazon!

Happy June! I am delighted to share my Ebook and paperback 'Crying Diamonds'

This is the first collection of poetry I have published and it has been a beautiful yet painful and tough journey. I have always loved writing, which is evident from my blogs and screenwriting. Poetry has really helped me find my voice in a way that is much more interesting and explorative. Finding nuances in different rhymes and wording patterns along with being able to create visual work too in reflection to my pieces.

Telling stories through poetry has been amazing and I do feel will be a door left open for me with a second book and collection already underway.

Crying Diamonds is available for pre-order now on Amazon worldwide, there is a link below, released on the 26th June for the Kindle and 4th July for paperback.

Love and Hugs,

Annishia xoxox

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