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Stepping into September...

Yes the weather has took a slightly cooler tone and I must say September is my favourtie month in the year and always lots of changes with many returning now back to school, university and many rejoining their workplace. As we are still facing challenging times one thing that can keep us positive, why not brighten up your gym wardrobe?!

I loved working with this brand and the new collection is ideal for Flex and flow class or to accompany with your Zumba T shirt to sweat and dance away in Zumba class!

You can see further details and view the range here



I am super excited for the launch of Be Well a fantastic new Hydration drink made here in the UK and vegan of course! There are ten in the packet and it is a very reasonable price and delicious tasting, perfect for after your workouts or even in the mornings instead of caffeine.

You can buy from the website and get an extra 15% off with code ANNISHIA give it a try!


Halcyon Aesthetics

Halcyon Aesthetics is an amazing clinic in Marylebone offering a superb range of treatments and was lucky enough to undergo a treatment for acne there from Aerolase. It is best used in 6 sessions and helps promote collagen and eliminate blemishes. " I really noticed the difference after around three sessions, my skin was a lot more even looking and areas that had sun damage had faded a lot more" Thank you, Halcyon Aesthetics!

Check out their website for a full list of their treatments here:


The Retro Lounge

It was a pleasure to join hosts Jordan and Yomi on there hilarious talk show ' The retro lounge'. Game, chill and chat! We talked all things dating and relationships and played some Old school video games! Check out the full episode here!


Queen Mary's University

Yes as we are stepping into September, another exciting new class added to my schedule is teaching at the university, Queen Mary's. The university are busy welcoming new students to the university and organised fantastic fresher events and new fitness classes of which I am also involved with keeping all the students, happy, fit and active!

The students LOVED Flex and flow, we are doing a lot of classes with the student union and societies along with Zumba and I am confident it will be a fun and active year ahead with these guys!


Class Timetable


Zumba - Wilesdon Sports Centre 10.45-11.45

Flex and Flow- Queen Mary's University 17.30-18.15

Zumba- Queen Mary's University- 18.30-19.15


Zumba - Kensington Total Fit 16.30-17.30

Flex and Flow- Kenstington Total Fit 17.30- 18.30


Aqua Zumba- Wilesdon Sports Centre 12.00-13.00


Zumba- Aldgate Total Fit 09.45- 10.45

Flex and Flow Aldgate Total Fit 11.00-12.00

Zumba- Energie Kilburn 14.00-14.45

Any enquiries regarding classes, you can contact Annishia on the homepage is a link to her email.

Well that is all for now guys but stay tuned as there are some SUPER exciting more projects coming up in the next few months which I cannot wait to share!

Stay safe, well and blessed always!

Love and Hugs,

Annishia xxx

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