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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Paris is still my favourite city, the freshly baked bread and pastries in the air. The artists sat outside drinking coffee, the bustling wine bars and music in the evening. The beautiful fashion, chocolate.. It's dreamy and I always fall in love.

Where to stay: I love Marais which is the third arrondissement. It has lovely boutique hotels and cafes and accessible to walk to many attractions.

Where to visit: So much culture in Paris. I love the Palace of Versailles on the suburbs of Paris it is a great day out and very accessible from the city. The Eiffel Tower is also a bucket list item to do for everybody! The Louvre, Notre Dame, cruise down the river Seine

What to buy: The best designers are French! Treat yourself. I love to shop at Galeries Lafayette and Marais has amazing boutiques and vintage shops too


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