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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Milan! The epicentre of Fashion and manufacturing home to all the household names, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana.. and if you are serious about your fashion this really is the place to go!

If you are working or studying in anything fashion related, textiles or maybe even costume or art departments, Milan is a fantastic city the inspiring luxury designer headquarters here will send your head into a big spin! Swirling around the city at their selection of high street stores too and by far the best part, the OUTLETS!! Wow, wow, wow! You could pack up and shop your entire Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter wardrobes at the plethora of choice and bargains to be had here!

Milan is also the city for business deals, if you work in Finance or banking and are wanting to do a meeting or work, again this is the place to be.

Italy is known for it's rich culture and heritage and Milan is very often overlooked and it's true, it will suit only a certain type of crowd here as sightseeing wise and touristy things to do.. It is not top of the list.

However, that being said, it is a very 'liveable' civilised place, understated bars and restaurants offering up the finest Italian cuisines. It has a very 'functional' feel to the place and of course great connections to everywhere else in the country.

I do not advise the summer months, it gets VERY hot and many shops and smaller bars and cafes close in the peak hours.

It would be a lovely choice in fall and again for budding fashionistas and entrepreneurs this is the place to come. Backpackers and holidaymakers, families...? No However you do have Lake como for that..

Bellagio and Lake Como

Well the region is super famous and it is completely obvious why. The rolling hills and windy roads covering the region are breath taking. This can be in itself a holiday and you could easily skip Milan or go into the town for a day. Bellagio is sprawling with cute bars and shops through the stoney hills and Lake Como also is a lovely town with a french twist and influence and stunning views.

A week here would be perfect and plenty to see and keep occupied and of course relax. You can go swimming and take boat trips and drive around and explore in an open air car or if feeling adventurous, a motorcycle! Bellissimo!

Where to stay: If you are going to Milan, I would recommend staying near Navigli region. The area has very reasonable prices for groups however neighbouring areas to here, are good for apartments and hotels. It's easy to get around from here to see the landmark of Duomo and the shops, this area is good for more 'real life' it has a great mix of people and variety of cuisines and you can do most things by foot if you are planning a short stay. If you want to spend a bit more, hotels near Milan Centrale and into the financial district are all very good.

What to eat: Italian food! Lots of it and very good!!

What to drink: Aperol Spritz is the big drink of choice and some places you can order for as little as 3 euros and sit outside and watch the world go by! If you want to try a fancy cocktail place check out Ceresio 7, pool, rooftop and fine dining restaurant.

Let me know if you go or share a photo! For more photos and places you can also check out my Instagram @annishia.camilla.lunette

Ciao for now ,

Annishia x

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