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Malta really is a little beautiful gem, the arid and rugged landscapes, tax free prices and melting pot for Europeans and internationals it is a great choice for your next holiday destination.

It's a small island and there seems to be a good mix of audiences whether you are a solo traveller, couple or a family there is something for everyone. The weather in the peak of summer was of course very warm and expect between 29-35 degrees during the summer months.

I attended Malta fashion week during my stay and there is more about that in another newsletter however Malta is a fantastic place to host fashion with its balmy nights and laid back island life the scene is lovely and you can see why there are so many films also made and used as a filming location here, one old film and setting which is a must see is the beautiful Popeye Village.

Where to stay: There are some great choices in Malta and my personal preference is the north side Mellieha/ St Paul's Bay it's a beautiful region which is close to many attractions such as the Popeye village, Golden Sands beach (Best and only golden sand beach in Malta) and Blue Lagoon and Gozo. Valletta the capital is also worth staying in or is a perfect weekend mini break getaway.

Getting around: The bus is a great service and super reasonable as are the taxis on the island you can also use the electric scooters or bicycles a lovely way to see the island.

Where to eat: The capital has a great selection of cuisine however I would say try a local Maltese restaurant if you a meat lover, the 'Rabbit Stew' is a local traditional dish to try.

A beautiful island.. Thank you Malta.. Until next time xoxo

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