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London Fashion Week and Dating Podcast

Well a bit delayed however I wanted to touch base on the last quarter of the year.. London Fashion week was great to attend a lovely event for This is Icon in aid of Prost8. I can talk fashion until the cows come home and for me the real highlight from this event was meeting the competition winners backstage who won a cash prize and a chance to showcase their work on the evening. Streetwear brand Vayvayapparel a harrowing story of a mother who lots her son to knife crime and continued his streetwear brand and got to bring it to light here at the event. Amazing. You can see more of their brand here:

In other news I've opened the lid (a little) on dating! It was interesting to have a chat with podcaster 'Stay Slick with Kit' and ask a few questions and give some of my insight now back in the dating pool. Wow! A little brutal but very fun. You can watch the FULL episode on the link below.

Some more podcasts and filming projects coming up soon so will keep you posted! Zumba fans be sure to check out the Zumba page and UPDATES for class timetables and some new exciting workshops coming your way in 2024!!

Ciao for now xoxo

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