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Happy New Year!!

Well a HUGE Happy New Year to you all 2023 is here and I hope everyone had a fantastic break, my thoughts are always with those who do not like the Christmas period for whatever reason as it can be a tough time but I do hope everyone managed to smile and know that you are loved!! I love you ALL! So one great thing I like to do after christmas is make a big Bread and Butter pudding, there is always so much leftover cake and choccies it's the ideal time to get creative instead of throwing away all that waste..

Bread and Butter pudding- Christmas cake edition!!

-Leftover vegan Panettone Chopped in pieces placed on a vegan buttered oven tray

In a blender 4 gluten free mince pies, 1 free range egg and 300mml Oat Milk

Warm the mixture on a moderate heat stirring regularly and pour freely over cake mix.

You can also use any cake to blend for a mixture but preferably want one with pastry to get it nice a thick!

You can at this point add raison/ sultanas if desired, banana or apples also can work..

Sprinkle some cinnamon on the top and add to a pre-heated oven at 180 for 30-35 mins!

Hey presto!! Yes rather indulgent pudding however waste no want not!!

Of course diets should ALWAYS be balanced and as it is January it's the perfect time to get your fitness routine back in gear!! Of course it's the perfect time also to try a zumba class! Don't worry if you have two left feet, it's such an inclusive environment and great for building that inner love confidence with yourself and becoming the best version of YOU!! If you're in London check out my classes at Pure Gym-

Bayswater Mondays 7.15-8.15

Great Portland Street Wednesdays 6-7pm

Bayswater Thursdays 7-8pm

Beat the January Blues and get the endorphins and sweat going!!

I partnered with Danish brand Joe and Juice to try some of their fantastic smoothies and juices, here I have the Herb Tonic which has become one of my all time favourites with it's ginger and Tumeric and red pepper it's a great one for kick starting the system, a juice a day keeps the doctor away :-)

Check out where your nearest one is on their website here:

Also don't forget to check out Riverdale if you're still thinking of updating your wardrobe with a luxury winter coat, they are THE BEST

And finally check out the TV series Riches on Amazon Prime! Where I appear in Episode 3 :-)

It was a great show to appear in and a fun scene with great people and energy!

Stay Happy and healthy and GET OFF THE SOFA AND INTO CLASS!! :-)

Lots of love and hugs...

Annishia xoxo

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