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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Abu Dhabi as the capital of UAE is an interesting place. There is less hustle and bustle here compared to the glitzy Dubai next door however you will find just as much luxury and glamour for relaxing and your stay here.

What to do: The mosque has become a huge tourist attraction and when you visit you will see why. The ornate detail and grandeur is beautiful. Emirates palace is simply gorgeous and there are many cafes and places inside to walk around and see, I highly recommend this regal site!

Where to stay: St Regus has a stunning beach and slightly out from the town so a perfect place to relax, I also loved the Shangri La the all you can eat buffet breakfast and lunch is fantastic and it is also close to the mosque and souk shopping mall so a lot easier for walking around to see the sites.

What to eat: There are a lot of traditional lamb dishes to try here Khuzi is the cuisine and if you are a carnivore lover this is the perfect place for you! A lot of meat will be found on the menus! Although also, it is not traditionally from UAE, Shakshuka can be found a lot on the menu and is a fantastic choice for breakfast. Try Mezlai, authentic food and also located in the Emirates palace!


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