Annishia Camilla Lunette

Annishia is currently writing her first feature length straight play stage production which will showcase in London in 2021, she has also been filming on the upcoming motion picture 'The Batman'


Annishia Camilla Lunette

The Effect

The Effect is an adaptation from the play The Effect by Lucy Prebble. 

Annishia recreated the production turning Tristian's role into the female character and Connie into the male.

It's set with both of them Heroin and alcohol in a squat house.

"It was a challenging piece to film but I wanted to give a very naturalistic tone to go with the tone of the story and characters. I absolutely loved making this adaptation and it really took the story to another place if you know the play, Lucy Prebble is an incredible writer and we wanted to honor it as best we could"

Carmen- Ten Pieces 2

CBBC Ten Pieces 2 was a series retelling the stories of famous operas and classical music pieces.

It was a great show to be a part of and even won a BAFTA.

Carmen was very sultry and sexy and a bit of a man eater in the episode!

Charity Kitchen

Charity Kitchen was a comedy web series where Annishia played Daddy's girl Emma Dupont.

"It was great fun to film and we improvised and ad libbed the whole thing. There was a lot of energy and giggles"

The Geek

Annishia wrote and starred in The Geek and short sketch where, Jennifer is reunited with a former classmate.

"The piece was a tongue in cheek look at females and desire on screen. Jennifer is unfazed by the male behavior and almost allows it without any care yet also humiliating Tom at the same time. It was great to film and edit it as well and lots of laughs"

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Our Style is Legendary

Our Style is Legendary was staged at both Tristan Bates, London and Nottingham Playhouse where Annishia played the only female role in the dark comedy.

"Our style is Legendary will always have a special place in my heart, it was such a raw and original play and I love stage acting probably even more than screen. Shelley was a fantastic character to play too"



Music Videos

Annishia featured in the Number 1 UK hit, 'This aint a love song this is goodbye'

"This is was my very first music video, it was a beautiful song and I really enjoyed being part of this love song, the band are fantastic"

Annishia featured in MOBO award winning artist Shakka's video.

"Shakka was great to work with and the production was great, we actually filmed the whole video in one take! It was a lot of running around behind scenes but the end result came out so well!"



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